Jade / Gold / Diamond


Long revered as an auspicious artefact, jade is a timeless gemstone that lends itself to both classic and modern designs. With a delicate balance and poetic air to our jade pieces, our craftsmen pair diamonds, gold and jade in ingenious, fresh ways, sure to take your breath away.

Our years of experience in appraising gemstones and our honest buy-back policy ensure that the jade used in our pieces is of the highest quality, as you only deserve our best.

Gold & Si Dian Jin

Gold – the must-have in any jewellery lover’s collection. With a wide array of painstakingly handcrafted, unique pieces, you will definitely be able to find a piece that speaks to you. Whether you fall in love with a gold brooch that reminds you of your significant other, a ring that fits amazingly with your style or a necklace that you see yourself wearing daily, we have the piece for you.

Combining the best of vintage designs, tradition and modernity, we endeavour to provide you with masterpieces that will accompany you through your life. We are also able to design bespoke pieces for you, and will honour our decades-old practice of placing your satisfaction first, buying back pieces you are not fully satisfied with.


Our diamond collection is in a class of its own, with each precious stone precisely cut and lovingly polished to reveal utter perfection. Brilliant from any angle, our diamonds gleam in tandem with the gold brooches, rings and necklaces they are set in to show the best of light and colour and complement your own sparkle.

Cutting-edge artistry meets decades of traditional work ethic to produce a collection of luminous diamonds worthy of joining your jewellery box.

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